El Borracho !



My very first review is of the Pike Place Market Taqueria y Cantina “El Borracho”. I just happen to LOVE tequila by the way ! I went into the El Barracho searching for some nice tequila and food to satisfy my hunger for food and drink. Upon entering I noticed that I knew the bartender from a previous bar, my favorite dive in South Park (Loretta’s). It was almost like old home week. We chatted and reminisced about the old place and she treated me like a king!

Now isn’t that the way we all would like to be treated? Just like that corny old TV show “Cheers” . You want to be where everyone knows your name. You want to feel wanted and accepted for who you are. Eat, get your drink on and have a good time. Stagger out feeling great! ( don’t drink and drive ! ) The day time bartender was also a charm. I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me from Adam but her treatment and service were excellent . There is also a gentleman in the evenings who watches over things quite readily and is very attuned to attending to great customer service. He seems to appear when you need someone the most.  The thing I did notice about these three, believe it or not, is that they all treat everyone great!  Not just me. I don’t care. It still makes me feel great and special in every way. My advice to others is learn the powers of “discernment ” . If you can’t summon those skills be an actor if you must and “make believe” you like everyone and you’ll see your tips go up!

    Now if by chance I should go into El Borrcho and none of those 3 people I mentioned are present. I have to take my chances. It just goes to show not ever service person thrives on giving good service to everyone. I’m sure they have their favorites. I’m just not one of them. Of course I still always tip well 20% and hope that perhaps they’d remember but alas, you can’t have everything.

    The prices are great, The tequila is flowing and the food is authentic Mexican eats. Oh and I do go back often. A great neighborhood place, except of course when it’s taken over by mobs of tourist!  🙂

Ciao for now my friends and look forward to my next review.

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