Mae Phim Thai Cuisine

maephim1-4975First let me say double Wow! This restaurant had the right prices and good food. The only problem for me was that when I walked in to order, extremely hungry for Thai  food and ready to eat, one of the servers or possibly a manager/owner comes up to me and states rather ecstatically  ” Why are you here? I told you to never come back in here again  ! You leave now! ”  Totally bewildered I say ” excuse me Miss but I think you may have me mix up with someone else possibly? ”  She shouts ” No I know you!  You lie! You not welcomed here!”

Ok now I’m slightly freaking out and wondering what the heck has just happened and why I can’t seem to order. I can see she’s pretty worked up. In addition people are starting to pay attention to our ever increasingly tense conversation. I just wanted to disappear right there and make it all go away and stop all the intense attention I was receiving from the dining room. (Which was now an audience)  But I continue to press on. “Miss I am not the person that you think I am. Here’s my license, here’s my credit card and I’m ready to pay. I just want to order”. She emphatically states, “All you guys look the same!”  Whew, a total hit below the belt. I wanted to say, Miss, in this country we used to think that all Asian people looked the same. It was as degrading and humiliating then as it is now. I don’t think all Asian look alike. But instead a gem came pouring out of my mouth with the incredible seriousness of a diplomat I proclaimed “Miss are you denying me service?”  Suddenly , silence. Her whole demeanor changes and she asks me what I would like to order. All of a sudden she was being super nice to me ? What in the hell just happened? And why in the heck am I still in this restaurant trying to oder? I felt extreamly stupid but determined to get what I was there for, a pleasant, healthy, tasty meal. All I wanted was a good wholesome Thai meal with a tasty Thai beer. My meal was great for the price. I didn’t have the beer because I decided not to eat inside the restaurant. But I did vow to “never” step foot in there again. Unless of course it’s the only place open, and it’s the end of the world or something.

This Mom and Pop restaurant is very shortsighted and misguided in their approach to customer service. There is no unifying training or goals for competent,efficient and consistant customer service.Though there is a sign that says ” We have the right to refuse service to anyone” Which is just another way of saying I’ll kick your butt out if I think I need to and for any reason I see fit.  Easy does it Pops!  Get a consultant to get you on track regarding your customer service goals. Pay attention to your customers. Practice the ability to “read” your customers intent. If they are looking for something free or are there for no good, learn how to tell the difference!  I’m just saying , no one should have to get the type of treatment I received at your establishment and there is just no justification.

Mae Phim
213 Pike Street
Seattle WA. 98101


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