The InnKeeper


Great food, excellent drinks and superb service. Upon entering I was greeted with warmth and generosity. The bartender was on his “A”game for sure. I asked for a rum drink suggestion he gave me one and it was excellent. In fact I must admit the first one got me a little tipsy. Thank god this place is close by. I decided to get something to eat as well and the bartender suggested the Cuban sandwich which was right up my alley. I decided to have another drink. All the while my bartender was friendly and talkative. We discussed the neighborhood and business in general and I ended up having an excellent experience.

This is what service is all about. You come in, you have credit card,  you get service. It doesn’t matter if your pretty, ugly, rich , poor, black or white, a woman or a man ( I could go on but I’ll spare you my pontificating). You other restaurants out there could learn a lot from this one. I will be returning often and I will totally recommend this place to all of my friends. !

This Brother got Great service !

2510 1st Avenue
Wa, 98121

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