The Space Needle a Seattle iconic  Landmark
Go Hawks!!

UnderCoverBrother says “Greetings From Seattle !”

I started this blog in response to some of the treatment I have encounter while eating, drinking and shopping in downtown Seattle. I can imagine that by now most of us are not surprised that there is still a deep racial divide that exist in our country. But with that being said, when I go out to spend my money, I still expect great friendly service just like anyone else. Great service in an environment that is gracious and accommodating  and where an employee’s racial biases do not conflict with their charge of delivering impeccable service regardless of who might be in front of them. In other words treat all customers as if they were guest in your home.

I don’t fully blame the individual employees as much as I blame the owners and managers who fail to train their service force in the art of keeping their racial and bigoted biases outside the place of business and having them fully understand the consequences when their bias based behaviors undermine business and give the wrong message to the public . I was chatting with a friend who is a beautiful Persian woman who has to control her diet for health reasons. She stated that at times she feels like she gets treated like a picky attention getting whiner when in fact she’s only just trying to stay healthy. So I know this isn’t just a black/white problem. It is also a plain ole crappy service problem! Park your shit at home kind of thing!

My main wish in writing this blog is to illuminate the problems and try to offer some worthwhile solutions. In the following weeks I will be reviewing business in the Downtown Seattle for specifically “how they treat a single older black man entering their establishment to spend money!”  ( Not to rip them off or beg for money nor sell drugs thanks! )  My cash is green and my credit card is red !  Let’s go!  Sounds like fun to me !

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As an aside I guess my biggest concern is that I am fair and impartial . It sounds like fine words. I know I can be fair, but possibly not completely impartial. Years of racism has left me a bit sensitive about situations that could have nothing to do with the color of my skin in the least. So I know I have my own biases to deal with as well and will endeavor to be as “objective” as possible. I have been in the service industry all my life so I write not only as a customer but someone who knows and understands what service means.

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  1. I commment your desire to expose the biases inherent in our society and trust that you will remain objective and impartial as necessary to this piece of work #undercoverbrotherseattle

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